Contract Number: GS-10F-226W

Period of Performance:  June 10, 2010 through June 9, 2015

The MOBIS program offers a full range of management and consulting services that can improve a federal agency's performance and their endeavor in meeting mission goals. MOBIS contractors possess the necessary expertise to facilitate how the federal government responds to a continuous stream of new mandates and evolutionary influences including the President's Management Agenda; Government Performance and Results Act; Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act; OMB Circular A-76; Federal Activities Inventory Reform Act; government reinvention initiatives such as benchmarking and streamlining.  Contractors shall provide expert advice, assistance, guidance or counseling in support an agency's mission-oriented business functions.

The awarded Special Item Numbers and associated services are:

874-1 Consulting Services 

  • Management or strategy consulting
  • Program planning, audits, and evaluations
  • Studies, analyses, scenarios, and reports relating to an agency's mission-oriented business programs or initiatives, such as defense studies, tabletop exercises or scenario simulations, educational studies, regulatory or policy studies, health care studies, economic studies, and preparedness studies
  • Executive/management coaching services
  • Customized business training as needed to successfully perform/complete a consulting engagement
  • Policy and regulation development assistance
  • Expert Witness services in support of litigation, claims, or other formal cases
  • Advisory and assistance services in accordance with FAR 37.203 Financial audits are covered under GSA Schedule 520, Financial and Business Services, are not allowed under this SIN. The term "consulting" as defined herein does not include staff augmentation.

874-3 Survey Services

  • Survey planning, design, and development
  • Pretest/pilot surveying
  • Assessing reliability and validity of data
  • Conducting/administering surveys
  • Analyses of quantitative and qualitative survey data
  • Production of reports related to the survey
  • Briefings of results to stakeholders