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RTR Technologies is delighted to announce that it has a new strategic partnership with Athena Health a cloud based solutions provider for Healthcare practice management, electronic health records and patient communications.

RTR Technologies and Athena Health, through this new partnership, aim to combine the deep experience in operational efficiency improvement, modeling, simulation, and data analysis that RTR professionals bring with the cutting edge healthcare data analytics products and services Athena Health delivers to support organizations and practitioners navigating the ever changing Health Care sector. Policy and economics are driving providers to do more with less, to continually improve quality of care for patients, and to do both at a time when the demand for services is growing and the outcome goals are moving.  Together, RTR Technologies and Athena Health will deliver actionable solutions, quickly, to enable our clients to succeed in this environment. Collaboratively our services will empower the healthcare sector to decrease cost, increase patient satisfaction, improve care giver performance, and expand capacity.

At RTR, we take a deep dive into our client’s operation to understand their business processes. RTR’s in-depth experience in operations research, business performance management, and decision support allows us to show you your operations from a different perspective as we help you visualize your operation in action and quickly identify previously unforeseen problems.  RTR does this by developing, producing, and delivering state-of-the-art simulation models of your current operations and processes which becomes a tool that can be used to perform “what-if” analysis, a method to predict the future, or the impact of change, in a user friendly environment.  One such simulation model is RTR’s MEDPROC.

MEDPROC is a discrete-event simulation modeling system that will assist healthcare facilities to make better operational and resource decisions faster. It has been designed specifically for the healthcare industry to evaluate, plan, and design improvements to current operations such as analyzing patient flow, logistics, staffing, budget impacts, emergency preparedness, facility design, productivity improvements, and so much more.   MEDPROC along with RTR Technologies and Athena Health’s products and services can identify the impact of potential changes in your system in a risk free environment. This tool allows one to clearly see and understand current processes in action.   A principle driver of this model and any other healthcare simulation model is data.  By joining forces with Athena Health, RTR Technologies can leverage the readily available historical and near real time clinical, administrative, financial, and outcome data to rapidly construct a detailed As-Is model of any healthcare system providing a valuable planning tool for years to come.

We’re committed to making  healthcare sustainable - not just by meeting and exceeding the challenges of healthcare reform and today’s economic climate, but by enabling lasting improvements that create satisfied, healthier patients and a healthier bottom line for providers.

To request a live demo or attend a dinner from RTR Technologies & Athena Health please contact us at or 410.273.1269

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