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Field Data Collection

It is virtually impossible to directly quantify any cost reduction, cycle time or performance improvement achievable by an existing or future service or system without establishing baseline performance, resource and cost metrics. To accomplish this RTR recommends performing a baseline systems data analysis and field data collection effort. RTR has in depth experience in performing baseline studies and we have found that systems data provides a good picture of cost or resource utilization but performance improvements can only be established and measured by collecting operational data in the field.  Operational data, both quantitative (timing, counts, physical measures) and qualitative (process, opinion [operator, management and customer]) is an essential part of defining the baseline. Field data collection serves as the foundation then for understanding and assessing the As-Is environment.

The benefits of field data collection are:

  • Existing services and specific processes, some difficult to see from the management perspective, are identified and documented
  • Establishing a baseline or benchmark system enables an enterprise to move to the next step which is to experiment and find ways to achieve cost savings or reductions in operations
  • Responsibility and accountability for the implementation of process changes are identified which enables operators and managers to establish standard operating procedures

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