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RTR Technologies has been providing cutting-edge healthcare solutions to solve our clients most complex problems since 2007. RTR’s extensive background in operations research including modeling and simulation, statistical analysis and software development have provided organizations with the ability to improve quality of care all while increasing revenue and reducing internal costs.

RTR’s state-of-the art decision support tool for healthcare organizations is known as MEDPROC. MEDPROC was developed to help the healthcare sector find the “right” scientific solution, the “right” process, the “right” sizing for their facility or department, and the “right” ROI.  MEDPROC employs our engineering design process known as ISOV - Investigate, Simulate, Optimize and Visualize.


Logic Flow



Together we brainstorm with the client’s subject matter experts to identify potential changes and develop the possible solutions to improve operational efficiency, clinical performance and quality of care within your operations.


We use our simulations to verify that we understand your current operations and evaluate the possible solutions. The simulation environment helps the customer to understand the real-life system behavior with all the variability and interdependencies of their actual healthcare facility. The simulation environment also provides a risk-free method to evaluate potential solutions for achieving the highest return on investment (ROI) and performance improvement before implementation.


Collaboratively we determine the most operative course of action based on scenarios developed in the investigate phase. With our help you evaluate then choose the optimal scenario to implement into your facility, considering operational imperatives such as:

  • Streamline Patient Flow
  • Increase Patient Satisfaction Scores
  • Bed Management
  • Facility Design
  • Resource Utilization
  • Forecasting Utilization
  • Strategic Planning
  • Reduce Readmissions
  • ROI and Financial Outcome


Conceptualize and understand your current processes in action. Watch your proposed changes run within MEDPROC to gain a better understanding of their effects in a specific area at a higher level. Visualize to rapidly see how your  proposed process changes will impact operational performance, cost, and quality.

MEDPROC isn’t just a tool: it’s a solution that provide outcomes that drives actions by the governing body, by management, and by physicians to provide the best quality of care for your patients, at the lowest cost. It’s the ideal decision support platform for your healthcare facility, a risk-free environment where some or all of your healthcare system can be modeled, tested, and analyzed to provide objective answers to your difficult questions. Let MEDPROC provide you with data driven insight into your current and future operations.

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