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Facial Recognition, The New Era of Technology

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) deployed a series of pilots at select airports to demonstrate to airlines and airports how biometrics can be integrated into current boarding processes, provide real-time, centralized biometric matching capabilities, and record biometrically verified outbound departures in CBP systems. Specifically, live photos of passengers will be compared against the photos stored in CBP systems utilizing the flight departure manifest.

As part of this effort, RTR Technologies was contracted to perform time and motion studies of international departure operations at six airport locations, prior to, and after deployment of the pilot. The purpose of the studies was to observe and record key operational metrics in order to assess the impact of the new technology on current operations. Findings from these studies assist CBP in identifying new or needed changes in technical requirements, identifying problem area or best practices, and quantifying the impact on let operational metrics such as boarding time, passenger process time, etc. Learn more about the work RTR performed behind the scences.


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