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RTR is a leading provider of modeling and simulation analysis (MS&A), systems analysis, decision, and technical writing support to assist the commercial industry and select Federal agencies determine the right mix of resources, process, technology, and infrastructure to optimize performance and save money. Our personnel are highly skilled systems engineers, software developers, operations research analysts, technical writers, and data analysts.

The RTR team provides subject matter expertise in the following areas:

  • Border and security processes and technologies including RFID and biometrics
  • DOD Navy NAVAIR rescource, budget & supportability to operational readiness analysis
  • Independent simulation model verification, validation and accreditation services
  • Infrasctructure design as a function of performance improvement and customer satisfaction
  • Reliability, maintainability, and serviceability analysis
  • Field data survey operations, tools development and analysis
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Database Management

Facilitate data collection and analysis of U.S. Ports-Of-Entry:

  • Experienced in on site data collection utilizing the latest technology and best practices 
  • Efficiently collect data, evaluate systems and methodically analyze information
  • Statistically analyze data and present survey results to our customers in a systematic manner
  • We have visited and studied virtually every U.S. land, sea, and air port-of-entry.

Produce detailed simulation models of:

  • Workforce analysis and staffing for border inspections operations
  • Airports passenger flow and isnpections services
  • Cruise passenger inspection processing at Seaports
  • Pedestrian, vehicle and cargo vehicle inspection processing inbound and outbound at U.S. Border Crossings
  • Aircraft Carriers maintenance logistics and flight deck operations
  • Specialized Transportation Systems (roundabouts, construction zones, JIT auto parts delivery)
  • Hospitals
  • Healthcare Clinics
  • Manufacturing

Generate comprehensive analysis results targeted to our clients:

  • Quantitative results to support Lean/ Six Sigma processes
  • 2D, 3D, and VR Visualizations
  • Detailed qualitative studies reports and presentations

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